Areas of Expertise


Functional Training


Mixed Martial Arts



Paige Cato


  • Ayurvedic Health Counselor
  • Holistic Health Nutritionist,
  • Yoga Instructor
    200 HR,
  • Specialized in jiu jitsu and Martial Arts training.


Paige Cato specializes in the areas of yoga, functional training, stretching, boxing and mixed martial arts. Paige comes to The Club having spent time in Southern California as a fitness instructor assisting adults and young people in obtaining their desired results. Paige has had a lifelong journey with exercise and fitness, from participating in team sports such as basketball and softball, to training as a boxing/mixed martial artist the past 5 years. Paige’s focus is on using her extensive holistic education from one of the world’s renowned holistic institutes to bring the Mind/Body connection to improving clients. It is this approach that she provides targeted nutrition & wellness programs so her clients feel strong, confident and energized to show up in the world as the best versions of themselves.